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March 27, 2014


If you’re looking for something exciting and different, why not try spicing up your dinner party with paella, a traditional Spanish meal that is best served with good company and KORBEL® Chardonnay?

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March 15, 2014

Winery Tours

If you have any questions or need recommendations when planning your trip to Korbel, we would love to help! We hope to see you soon and happy planning.

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March 8, 2014


Let’s be honest: The best part of any weekend is brunch. If you brunch with mimosas, KORBEL Brut is the go-to option.

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March 1, 2014

Engagement Party Toasts

It’s your time to give the toast. If you’re the type to panic, forget what to say and turn bright-red, we have you covered. Your fear of public speaking is common; you’re not alone!

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