July 26, 2018

5 Ways to Elevate Your Summer Staycation

Don’t have a summer vacation on the calendar this year? Plan a staycation! These tips from KORBEL will take your downtime from drab to fab – all within the comfort of your own city.

1. Take an art class.

Painting? Drawing? Sewing? What’s something artistic you have always wanted to do but never learned? Sign up for a class and don’t look back!

2. Have dinner delivered.

Forget the grocery list and have dinner delivered one night – or every night! Whether you’re craving steak or pizza, take the opportunity to indulge and enjoy something delicious at home. Paired with a chilled glass of your favorite KORBEL, of course.

3. Read a book.

You don’t have to be sitting in a far away place to settle in with a good summer read. Find a coffeehouse, walk to the park, or cozy up on the couch and get lost in a book for a few hours.

4. Go antiquing.

How many times have you passed an antique shop and told yourself you will make it in “one day”? Feed that curiosity and take your time browsing. You just might find a special something!

5. Host a get-together for good friends.

Sometimes time with friends can be rushed, or even forgotten altogether. Invite your best pals over one night and take the time to slow down, have some fun, and recharge in one another’s company with the KORBEL Pink Lady!

KORBEL Pink Lady


  • 4 oz KORBEL Brut Rosé
  • 2 oz pink lemonade
  • Grenadine for color


Pour KORBEL Brut Rosé into a tall glass. Add lemonade and ice. Add a splash of grenadine to make more pink.