September 5, 2016

A Legacy of Hard Work – KORBEL’s History

Labor Day is a holiday for celebrating workers of all fields’ dedication to making our country a better place. In light of that occasion, we want to share a story reaffirming the belief that with hard work and a little ingenuity, your dreams can be a reality.

KORBEL California Champagne would not exist today if it weren’t for the commitment and perseverance of the founding Korbel brothers and their predecessors. The Korbel family and company had to experience many trials and tribulations to reach their goal of creating the perfect bubbly. The Korbel brothers traveled to the United States from Prague, and ventured to California, where they founded the Korbel Cigar Box Manufacturing Co. Unfortunately, at the peak of their success, a fire destroyed their factory, so the brothers were forced to find a different way to keep their business alive. After many failed attempts at growing crops, they sent a soil sample to the University of California - Davis to see what would flourish on their property. The answer: grapes.

Korbel Cigar Box Manufacturing was transformed into KORBEL California Champagne, complete with a beautiful winery and vineyards.

The KORBEL legacy continues on and currently our bubbly stands as America’s top-selling champagne, which is a toast-worthy achievement. KORBEL California champagne stands as a symbol of American celebration, and a reminder of how hard work can turn an idea into an iconic company. Watch the full history video here.