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August 13, 2018

A Sparkling Wedding Shower Gift

Among a group of festive party gifts, a gift basket full of KORBEL California Champagne varietals has been displayed.

Are you attending a wedding shower this summer? Skip the kitchen gear and gift the bride-to-be with a basket of KORBEL to help the newlyweds celebrate the “year of firsts” to come. From everyday occasions, to holidays, to that once-in-a-lifetime one-year anniversary, this gift will keep on giving long after “I do”!

First Valentine’s Day: KORBEL Sweet Rosé

Bright fruit flavors that pair well with chocolate and fruit.

First Vacation: KORBEL Blanc de Noirs

A crisp summer sipper perfect for any trip.

First Dinner Party: KORBEL Extra Dry

Light, luscious, and always a crowd pleaser.

First Home: KORBEL Brut Rosé

Toast the joys of home ownership with this delicate, crisp, and bright bubbly.

First Anniversary: KORBEL Brut

Celebrate a year of romance with America’s favorite California champagne!

Copy this list, pick and choose, or put your own spin on the idea altogether. Once you have made your selection, simply mark each bottle with a gift tag or a paint pen, arrange in a basket or place in a bag, and your gift is all set for the shower. The happy couple will have a reason to celebrate all year long!

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