July 27, 2021

Beach Bachelorette Party

Now that the bridal party is set, it’s time to bring everyone together! A bubbly, bachelorette beach party is just the thing to make friends feel special and also celebrate the bride! 

Make the getaway fun for the whole squad with a personalized bag, hat or pair of cute sunglasses. You can have friends’ names printed or sewn on. A wide brim straw hat keeps you cool and protects your gorgeous skin! You could even go all in on matching swimsuits (the brides in white of course!) with custom phrases. Bach on a boat? Do a nautical theme with customized captain’s hats! Get creative – having a theme is a fun way to break the ice if you all don’t know each other; and is even more fun if you do! 

Of course, no Beach Bach would be complete without the bubbly! Grab a flute glass (or shatterproof glass) of Korbel Sweet Rosé. We promise the color alone will have you smiling. Whether you call yourselves the squad, bride tribe or bach babes – you can’t go wrong when you’re all together. Pop the rosé!