March 10, 2017

Beautify Your Bar Cart for Game Days

Basketball season is in full swing, which means its time to prep your home for watching the big games. Elevate your game-day spread by dressing up your bar cart with KORBEL® California Champagne! Bar carts are a stylish option for serving make-your-own cocktails and snacks. Follow our guide below to build a Pinterest-perfect bar cart for your next watch party. For more ideas on how to decorate for parties visit the How-to-Hostess website at:

The essentials

  • Two or three varietals of KORBEL
  • A variety of mixers
  • Garnishes


  • Flutes or festive glasses
  • Colorful straws
  • Fresh flowers
  • Colorful napkins


  • Write out two or three drink combinations on a chalkboard to help guests pick the perfect combination.

In addition to giving guests the ability to create their own cocktails, provide a homemade punch as another option. Make our delicious Lemon Crush by following this recipe, for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Lemon Crush

  • 3½ cups pink lemonade
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 1 750ml bottle KORBEL® Brut Rosé
  • Cotton candy, for garnish

Add pink lemonade and lemon juice to a pitcher over ice. Top with KORBEL. Serve individually, and garnish with a piece of cotton candy. Serves 6.