June 27, 2016

Bubbles and Barbecues

Time to dust off your tongs and polish up your grilling skills to prepare for barbecue season. And what better reason to host a backyard bash than in celebration of our great nation? Here are some must-haves to make any outdoor gathering sparkle this Fourth of July.

  • Utensils: While hamburgers and hot dogs are a must, branch out from the typical grill food, and try new creations with pairs of metal skewers like vegetable or meat kebabs. They’re easy to grip and nonstick. Acrylic plates are also a smart choice because they’re unbreakable – perfect for outdoor events. Many come in fun patterns that can add to the vibe of the party.
  • Lighting: Add some summer fun to your backyard by hanging stylish lights to brighten the atmosphere. Place vintage lanterns beside chairs for a rustic touch, or hang Japanese-style string lanterns overhead, to give guests plenty of glow.
  • Entertainment: Bluetooth speakers and an outdoor fire pit are two entertaining ways to keep your party pumping. Place speakers throughout the yard to surround your guests with tunes, and end the day gathered around the pit, complete with gooey s’mores and sparkling conversation.
  • Easy-to-share drinks: Any good host knows that you need to keep things simple at an outdoor party. Make a pitcher of our Sparkling Lemonade Crush so guests can easily pour themselves a glass.

Lemon Crush

3½ cups pink lemonade
1 cup lemon juice
1 (750ml) bottle KORBEL Brut Rosé
Cotton candy, for garnish

Add lemonade and juice to a pitcher over ice. Top with KORBEL. Serve individually, and garnish with a piece of cotton candy.