May 5, 2021

Bullet Journaling and Bubbly

Planning for summertime doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Rather, with a personalized bullet journal, you can have fun keeping everything straight. Just grab a journal of your choice and fill it will important dates – such as KORBEL’s favorite day of the year (more on that later) – to-do lists, and summertime goals. Then bring your journal to life with colorful doodles, fanciful fonts, and vibrant stickers. To get inspired, pour yourself a flute of your favorite KORBEL varietal and keep reading for a few suggestions on how to make your bullet journal one of a kind!

  • If you’re using your journal primarily as a calendar, there are a few fun ways to bring it to life. Maybe sketch a calendar on each page or put your calligraphy skills to the test and title the top of each sheet with the name of a whimsically written month. Then, use gel pens or markers to colorfully add important dates, like National Mimosa Day on May 16th!
    • You can even include notes off to the side with eye-catching drawings to visually add to your journal. For instance, make a note of KORBEL’s Mango Mimosa recipe and illustrate a simple flute bubbling with this tasty favorite.
  • A bullet journal is also a great place to keep a running to-do list. So each time you finish a project, celebrate by crossing off your tasks with different colored highlighters. By the end of your list, you’ll have a vibrant reminder of everything you’ve accomplished.
  • Listing your goals in a bullet journal can help you stay on track and stay inspired. Say, for instance, you want to run a marathon by the end of the summer. Use this space to keep track of your training. Maybe print out a few of your favorite inspirational quotes and use patterned tape to hold them in place. Or, in between a few pages, press some flowers you’ve collected on a run to remind you of all that you’ve seen while training.