June 1, 2020

Celebrate National Rosé Day with Floral Ice Cubes

June 13th is National Rosé Day, so it looks like you have another reason to host brunch—even if it’s virtual! To keep your rosé chilled and looking pretty for the ‘gram, place your bottle of KORBEL Brut Rosé in a clear bucket of flower-filled ice cubes. The cubes can include entire flowers or petals from different blooms, but if you plan on adding them to your KORBEL, make sure the flowers are safe to eat and pesticide-free. Lavender, lilac, hibiscus, and roses are all edible blooms and will add a hint more color to your rosé. Learn how to make these ice cubes, below!

And if you want to take your creativity one step further, use the same flowers you’ve added to your ice cubes to inform your menu. Do your ice cubes feature lavender? Then whip up some Lavender and Earl Grey-Infused French Toast. Maybe you’ve added some hibiscus petals to your cubes. Then look no further than Hibiscus Lemon Bars!

Floral Ice Cubes


  • Fill a large ice tray half of the way with water.
  • Then add flowers facing down and freeze.
  • Once the water is frozen, add more water to fill up each cube.
  • Add a few more flowers face down.
  • Freeze again.

* To make sure your ice cubes are clear, first boil the water. Then let it cool. This process will remove impurities and air bubbles.