March 26, 2019

Craft a Wedding Toast That Sparkles

Wedding season has arrived. That means invitations are out, showers are in full swing, and you might be asked to give a toast! Don’t panic KORBEL is here with tips that will help you give a memorable and tasteful toast.

Introduce Yourself
Weddings bring together a variety of family and friends, so there is a good chance that some of the guests will not know you. Introducing yourself at the beginning of your speech provides important context for guests.

Tell a Story
Stories are a great way to strengthen your speech. You may not want to go into every detail of your college spring break, but a tale that demonstrates some of the best characteristics of one or both partners is an effective way to get personal while adding structure.

Address the Couple
While it is certainly okay to spend time reflecting on the past in your speech, it is also important that you speak to the couple's future and wish them well as they enter the new phase of their relationship.

Watch Your Time
Short and sweet is the key here. You want your speech to feel thoughtful, but if your speech is longer than an award show, you might want to revise.

Always Drink Responsibly
The best speeches are those that are memorable for the right reasons, so make sure that you enjoy KORBEL responsibly leading up to your moment in the spotlight. Cheers!