August 1, 2020

DIY KORBEL Champagne Cart

No matter the occasion, a champagne cart decked out with your favorite accessories is a fun way to ensure that you’re always ready to enjoy a glass of KORBEL. Plus, it’s a fashionable way to stay organized. All you need is a cart you love and a few accessories. Then you’ll be all set to enjoy your KORBEL wherever your get-together takes you! For some suggestions of what to include on your cart, check out our list below.

What You’ll Need

  • Drinkware
    • Flute- The most common way to enjoy a glass of bubbly is with a champagne flute. That’s because the flute’s long stem ensures your hands won’t warm up your cool glass of KORBEL. And with a narrow opening, the champagne flute will actually keep your drink bubblier longer because it allows less air to get inside of the glass.
    • Stemless- Although stemless glasses may cause your KORBEL to warm up faster since you’ll be holding the area directly surrounding your drink, these fun glasses are unique pieces to add to your bar. They’re more casual options when compared to traditional flutes, and they’re also a bit sturdier. So you can worry less about spilling your drink and have more fun sipping your bubbly with friends.
  • Champagne bucket
    • When serving KORBEL, keeping your bottle cold is key. That’s why including an ice-filled champagne bucket on your cart is a must. Metal champagne buckets are pretty traditional, so have some fun and great creative with your ice bucket. These containers come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, so find one with a pattern or design that speaks to you. Or, if you want to be really unconventional, chill your KORBEL in something that fits with your get-together theme, like a flowerpot or colorful beach pail!
  • Cocktail napkins or coasters
    • Add a pop of color to your champagne cart with festive cocktail napkins or eclectic coasters.
  • Champagne Stopper
    • Champagne stoppers are great accessories to have on your cart because they keep any unfinished bubbly, well, bubbly! Be sure to have one handy so you can re-seal any KORBEL and enjoy it later.
  • Hand Towel
    • Whenever you chill your KORBEL in an ice bucket, the bottle’s going to be a bit damp when it’s taken out to be served. Keep messes to a minimum with a small hand towel that you can use to hold the bottle as you pour everyone a glass. These could match your napkins or even introduce a whimsical new pattern to your layout.
  • Fresh Fruit Garnishes
    • Whenever you have guests over, make sure you have fresh fruit garnishes ready on your cart. Mix and match colorful bowls with the equally vivid fruits to create an eye-catching spread.
  • Fruit Juices
    • Almost any fruit juice mixes well with KORBEL, so have some chilling in the fridge when friends come over. With a bit of orange juice, you can easily stir up a KORBEL Mimosa, or add in some cranberry juice for a refreshing mixed drink.