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April 22, 2016

Do Your Part This Earth Day With KORBEL

A vineyard featuring vines of purple grapes is shown awash in sunlight.

Providing organic products such as KORBEL Brut Made With Organic Grapes is one of many steps KORBEL California Champagne takes to improving our environment. In honor of Earth Day – April 22 – we’re encouraging our friends to recycle or reuse their bottles of bubbly. Try these fun DIY projects, and transform your KORBEL bottles into original décor pieces.


Add a rustic feel into your home’s décor by using empty wine bottles as bookends or to hold up an album collection. Keep the wrapper on for authenticity, or decorate the bottles to your liking for an easy way to add color to any book arrangement.


Redecorate an empty bottle for a beautiful DIY centerpiece for a wedding, party or just your kitchen table. Coat the inside of the bottle with enamel paint for an even-colored hue, or wrap the exterior in colored yarn, for a rustic feel. Add silk or fresh flowers for a festive touch.

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