November 1, 2019

Easy Gifts for the “Hard to Shop For”

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start thinking about presents for your family and friends. Easier said than done, we know. There are some people who it’s just hard to shop for. So, if you’re stuck in that boat, check out our suggestions. We’ve come up with three unique gift ideas that are easy ways to check someone off your shopping list.

  • Sign up for a class that you and your friend can go to. Many cities now offer fun workshops for people wanting to learn a new skill, such as pottery throwing or calligraphy. They usually take place on weeknights, so they’re a great way to de-stress after crazy days at the office. Plus, these classes are a gift you and your friend can enjoy together. And who knows, you may come home with a new hobby!
  • Dream up a KORBEL cocktail recipe you think your friend would love. You know what flavors they like, so pick out a few garnishes and mixers and then try out a recipe or two. Once you’ve found a cocktail you like, write out the ingredients and directions on a piece of colorful stationery and give it to your friend along with a bottle of KORBEL. Or, if you’re short on time, the KORBEL Holiday Honey is always a winner.

KORBEL Holiday Honey


1 oz. Jack Daniel's Original Recipe Tennessee Honey®
4 oz. KORBEL Brut


  • Pour KORBEL into a champagne flute. Top with Jack Daniel's Original Recipe Tennessee Honey for a delicious and easy cocktail recipe.

Photo albums are always thoughtful gifts, especially if you and your friend have taken some fun trips or had some memorable times this year. Find an album you think your friend would love, and then print out a few of your favorite pictures. If the album has room to add comments about each photo, either write down what’s happening (so you can remember in a few years) or share a sweet note about the snapshot