October 11, 2018

Enjoy Comfort Food and KORBEL

Fall calls for comfort food. No matter your style, shorter days, cooler temperatures, and cozy vibes all make for memorable indoor meals. Embrace the season with these pairing suggestions from KORBEL that are sure to please!


Pair with a charcuterie board, shrimp and grits, or pot pie.

America’s favorite California champagne, KORBEL Brut is refined, with a balanced, medium-dry finish. Enjoy lively aromas of citrus leading to crisp flavors of orange, vanilla, and a hint of strawberry.

KORBEL Extra Dry

Pair with grilled cheese, macaroni, or pumpkin bread.

KORBEL Extra Dry is a fresh, off-dry California champagne that is light, luscious, and always a crowd favorite. It features delightful flavors of citrus, vanilla, and spice.

KORBEL Brut Rosé

Pair with homemade pizza, smoked meats, or chili.

KORBEL Brut Rosé is delicate and crisp, featuring bright flavors of strawberry, cherry, and melon. Its medium-dry, slightly sweet style makes it one of the most versatile, food-friendly varietals.