August 31, 2020

Five Creative Ways to Reuse Your KORBEL Bottle

An empty bottle of KORBEL isn’t just a sign of a great time with friends. It’s also an invitation to channel your inner artist. Before dropping your bottle into the recycling bin, first, consider any upcoming get-togethers that need decorating or gifts that need giving because an empty KORBEL bottle can easily be turned into a fun present or accessory. For some inspiration, check out a few of our ideas to see how you can reuse your bottle. Then grab your artist’s smock and get crafting!

  • Flower Vase- After you’ve removed the bottle’s label, decide on a paint color (or colors) and paint the bottle’s exterior. Let it dry. Then fill your bottle partway with water and add a few of your favorite blooms for a flower vase that’s perfect for any windowsill.
  • Table Settings- For your next get-together, empty bottles of KORBEL can make unique place settings your guests will love. Either paint the bottles a color that fits with your party’s color scheme or keep them as they are for a simpler look. Then print out numbers on cardstock and clip them to the bottles to help guests find their seats.
  • Bookends- Spruce up your bookshelf with two bookends made from bottles of KORBEL. Keep the bottles as they are or have some fun with paint pens and add colorful patterns to their exteriors. Also, be sure to weigh down the bottles with a bit of sand so they are sturdy enough to keep your books from toppling over.
  • Candy in a Bottle- As we near gift-giving season, hold on to any empty bottles of KORBEL and fill them with your friends’ favorite candy. Then recork the bottle and add a bow. Gift-giving has never been this easy…or delicious.
  • Date-Night Ideas- Add a bit of mystery to your next date night by writing down fun activities on individual slips of paper. Then add these slips to an empty bottle of KORBEL and pull one out every time you and your significant other want to do something exciting. Not only will the anticipation of a date night brighten your day, but the mystery surrounding what you will do will only add to the fun!