February 5, 2019

Three Great Ways to Show Some Love at the Last Minute

So you want to show your sweetie some love this Valentine’s Day, but you’re almost out of time. Skip the rush delivery on a dozen roses and check out these three creative ideas from KORBEL instead. No matter your Valentine’s style, you’re sure to discover something that will show a lot of thought in a little time.

Quickly Chill KORBEL

Need to chill your KORBEL in a crunch? Salt may just be your Valentine’s Day hero. Add some ice to a bucket, pour a generous amount of salt over the ice, and add enough tap water to make the ice float. Salt draws the heat out of the KORBEL, so once you place your bottle in the mixture, you’ll have to wait just five minutes to sip your favorite bubbly!

Chocolate Dipped Fruit

The order window for those giant chocolate strawberries has passed, and you’re still in need of a sweet treat. Chop some fruit and melt your favorite flavor of chocolate chips, then dip the pieces in the chocolate and let set on sheets of wax paper for a homemade twist on this popular gift. You can even do this together if you’re looking for a date night activity!

Creative Cards

No store-bought card this year? This missing piece may just work to your advantage. Get creative with what you have and make a card yourself. Cut regular sheets of printer paper into hearts, fill them with memories made, qualities admired, and loving words, and group them together in a basket for a sweet declaration. Print out a picture of you and your loved one and write a heartfelt note on the back. Type out a love letter as your day winds down at work. No matter how you do it, the DIY aspect will be impressive.