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July 12, 2016

Flip or Float Your Cocktail With KORBEL

A refreshing cocktail is crafted with a Flip-It Clip holding a mini bottle of KORBEL California Champagne Brut.

As your social calendar fills with celebrations to attend, upgrade your drink selection this summer with our 187ml KORBEL California Champagne bottles. These minis are great to bring to any occasion, and they fit perfectly in a purse or tote bag!

Try our latest creation – the Flip-It cocktail – at your next get-together for a drink that continuously refills itself. Simply put a Flip-It Clip on the rim of your glass, then place an open mini KORBEL bottle into the opening upside down, to add never-ending sparkle to your cocktail.

The best thing about our 187ml bottles is their easy pop-off tops, making your experience with our bubbly even brighter.

If you want to add some bubbles to your beverage, try our Float-It cocktail by topping off any drink with KORBEL. Follow our recipe below for a sparkling summer cocktail.

Sparkling French Margarita

½ oz. Herradura® silver tequila
1 oz. Chambord® black raspberry liqueur
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. lime juice
1 187ml bottle KORBEL® Brut

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