March 14, 2018

Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day

Green is the color of spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and the bottles that hold KORBEL California Champagne. Have you ever wondered why your favorite bubbly bottles are green? The dark forest green bottles are both distinctive and purposeful.

That dark green glass prevents the process of natural oxidation within the corked bottle. Oxidation is a natural occurrence, and happens at an enhanced pace when a glass of wine is left out overnight. In most white wines and champagnes, oxidation causes a loss of fruit flavor, an increase in a nutty or mushroom-y taste, and a general dullness.

Light and temperature also influence the speed of oxidation. High temperatures can ruin a bottle of wine in a matter of hours. Intense light, especially ultraviolet (UV) light, will also expedite the speed of oxidation and cause the flavor to change. This condition is called “lightstruck.” KORBEL uses dark green glass to prevent UV light from spoiling your favorite KORBEL varietals.

On March 17, try our Sparkling Shamrock cocktail and toast to the magical wonders of the color green. Have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day.

Sparkling Shamrock


  • 1 oz. Finlandia® tangerine flavoured vodka
  • Splash blue Curaçao
  • 2 oz. orange juice
  • 4 oz. KORBEL Brut
  • Lime wedge


Pour vodka, blue Curaçao and orange juice into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a wine glass. Top with KORBEL.