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October 14, 2016

Halloween Varietal Pairings

Close up of red apples and homemade caramel apples with nuts and chocolate drizzle.

Halloween candy is the dessert of choice to enjoy during fall, and pairing it with a sparkling beverage makes the indulgence even sweeter. Find your favorite candy on our list, and discover its KORBEL California Champagne varietal match, uniting a dynamic duo sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Try these sweet combinations on Oct. 14 and 28 in honor of National Dessert Day and National Chocolate Day, respectively, to celebrate the occasions accordingly.

  • Brut – This varietal goes perfectly with candy corn, coconut/chocolate and chocolate wafer candy. The semisweet flavor of this bubbly balances the rich chocolate flavors, for a delicious combination.
  • Chardonnay – Pair this semisweet varietal with caramel apples, crunchy peanut butter candy and milk chocolate.
  • Brut Rosé – Enjoy the delicious combination of sweet and sour by pairing this varietal with any sour or tart candy, for a yin-and-yang experience.
  • Sweet Rosé – This slightly sweet varietal goes well with treats such as licorice and rock candy.
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