December 12, 2014

Holiday Decorating Ideas

Put your own spin on holiday decorating with two easy crafts.

Snowy Mason Jar Luminary

Whether you create one or a dozen, you can customize the project to make it as simple or as intricate as you'd like it to be. Either way, it will brighten your home décor.

1 Mason jar
Epsom salt
Battery-operated tealight
Ribbon (red and green are traditional, but feel free to get creative with your color palette)
Seasonal accessories, such as pinecones, bells and holly leaves (optional)

Remove Mason jar lid. Pour Epsom salt into the jar, filling to desired level. Insert the tealight into the jar. Wrap ribbon around the rim of the jar. If using accessories, place them around the tealight.

Cork Wreath

Put your leftover KORBEL corks to good use with this festive wreath!

1 12-inch straw wreath
Twine or floral wire
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Champagne corks* (100-120, depending on how many layers you want)

Remove plastic from wreath. Tie twine or floral wire around the wreath, leaving room for two or three fingers to fit underneath so that the wreath will hang nicely. Carefully apply a strip of glue to each cork, avoiding the tip of the glue gun. Starting at the center of the wreath, place corks side by side, holding each cork down for a few seconds to let it set.

Once the center has been covered, continue adding champagne corks side by side onto the front of the wreath. Once the first layer of corks has set, add a second layer of corks, filling in spaces that were missed in first layer. Add a third layer and fourth, if needed. Don't worry if the corks do not line up perfectly – with their uneven shape, they probably won't. Once finished adding corks, set the wreath aside to let all the glue dry. Once it is dry, add the bow and hang.

*We know you love KORBEL, but we don't expect you to have that many leftover corks on hand! You can purchase champagne corks online or at craft stores.