May 1, 2014

How to Chill KORBEL

KORBEL California Champagne is perfect for toasting life. Whether you are toasting a wedding, an anniversary or just a soon-to-be-fabulous Wednesday, serving KORBEL at the right temperature will make your experience better.

To get a well-chilled bottle, put KORBEL in the refrigerator for a few hours, at a temperature between 43°F and 46°F (6-7°C).

We know that you are usually pressed for time. If needed, immerse your bottle of KORBEL in a champagne bucket half-filled with ice and water for 30 minutes. No matter how strapped for time you are, it is important to never place KORBEL in the freezer. Trust us on this one! The champagne flutes are best at room temperature.

For optimal taste, leave the bottle corked until it's time to serve. As a bonus, you will get to show off your uncorking skills!

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