December 5, 2016

How-to Holiday Guide

Eliminate the stress of hosting a holiday gathering this year by following our how-to holiday guide that outlines everything needed to pull off any seasonal celebration. Follow our quick and easy instructions below for food and décor ideas provided by our How-to-Hostess! Find more party tips and tricks at her website:


A cheese board is a perfect appetizer for guests to easily munch on throughout the night. Pair the cheeses with complementary bites to give guests a wide array of tasty choices.

  • Cheese: Smoked gouda, cheddar or Italian cheeses
  • Fruit: Blueberries, grapes or apples
  • Meats: Smoked salami and ham
  • Crackers or veggie chips

Main Course

Many holiday parties are a come-and-go environment because of busy social calendars. Offer guests a delicious meal that’s easy to eat, such as our classic holiday roast.

Holiday Roast

2 ½ tablespoons water
1 tablespoon cornstarch
10 small red potatoes
1 white onion, cut into large pieces
3 cups baby carrots
1 beef roast
Salt and ground pepper to taste
Worcestershire sauce, to taste

Add water and cornstarch to a slow cooker, and top with potatoes, onions and carrots. Add salt and pepper, and stir. Add meat, and season with salt, pepper and enough Worcestershire sauce to lightly coat. Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours. Using two forks, gently pull meat apart, and stir.


Add a personal touch to your guests’ glassware by creating chalkboard wine glasses.
All you need to create this one-of-a-kind stemware is chalkboard aerosol spray paint, clear wine glasses, painter’s tape and chalk. Make sure to protect the area that will be sprayed over with newspaper or cardboard.

  1. Tape the bottom ¾ of the glass stem, and spray paint the untaped portion of the stem and the base.
  2. Let dry for about 30 minutes, then apply a second coast.
  3. Once the surfaces are completely dry (about three hours), remove the tape, and turn the glasses upside down to dry overnight for several more hours.

As visitors arrive, encourage them to write their name with chalk to ensure that no one loses his or her glass throughout the night. These also dually serve as a great favor for your guests.