August 7, 2016

Celebrate International Rosé Day With KORBEL

Pop a bottle in celebration of International Rosé Day – August 14th – a day devoted to enjoying this deliciously sweet bubbly with its pretty pink hues. Rosé develops it’s renowned rosy color during fermentation, when winemakers have the liquid come into contact with red grapes for only a couple of hours, as opposed to the standard two to three weeks.

Celebrate this sparkling holiday by tasting the rosés created by KORBEL California Champagne: Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé. Both varietals contain sweet notes and fresh flavors, perfect for savoring on a warm summer night.

Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé’s flavor is best described as pleasant and crisp, featuring the bright flavors of strawberry, cherry and melon. The varietal pairs wonderfully with smoked chicken, sushi, fruit-based salads and chocolate desserts.

Sweet Rosé

KORBEL’s Sweet Rosé features the fresh, fruity flavors and aromas of raspberry and vanilla. It is best enjoyed with fresh fruit, an appetizer such as grilled prawns with mango salsa or with a selection of ripe cheeses. A fun fact about this sweet champagne: It’s made from both red and white grape varietals.