December 4, 2019


Delicate and aromatic, Italian Glera grapes are plucked from steep hillsides to create the charming, fun-loving sparkling wine called Prosecco. At Korbel, we’re overjoyed to bring you our latest release—Korbel Prosecco—produced and bottled entirely in Italy’s Prosecco DOC, an official zone of origin and quality.


Translation: delicious fun.


In keeping with our “house style”—fruit up front, bubbles light, flavors bright—Korbel Prosecco is lively and lighthearted, yet refined. Pop the cork, pour a glass, and be greeted with the exuberant aromas of white peach, pear blossom, and lemon zest. On the tongue, the bubbles come alive with delicately vibrant flavors and an Extra Dry-style finish.


In other words, this is a sparkling wine that inspires jubilation for every occasion.