September 1, 2016

Join us for Flavors of Fall at the Korbel Winery

Kick off autumn with KORBEL California Champagne at our Flavors of Fall event on September 10th for a special behind-the-scenes tram tour of the vineyard and crushing facilities. We offer excellent discounts on tickets purchased at our Wine Shop, and admission includes a complimentary KORBEL logo glass – the perfect pairing for your favorite bottle of KORBEL!

At the Korbel Winery, a multitude of processes take place in order for our bubbly to achieve the winemaker’s stamp of approval. The main process highlighted in our tour – crushing – helps transform harvested grapes into our incredible California Champagne. Originally, crushing entailed men and women manually squashing grapes by stomping on the fruit with their bare feet. Now, there are more technologically advanced techniques!

Crushing occurs after harvest when mechanical presses grind and crush grapes to extract their juices, which are then transferred to a vat for fermentation. After crushing, the next steps differ depending on the type of varietal being created. At Korbel, that remarkable process happens at our very own winery, and you can witness the sparkling demonstration during Flavors of Fall.

Along with the tour, chef John Ash will conduct a book signing, where you can score an inside scoop about festive fall recipes. Make your reservations for Flavors of Fall for September 10th from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Korbel Winery.