September 23, 2015

A Sneak Peek at the KORBEL Harvest

August means one exciting thing for the team at KORBEL® Champagne Cellars in California: harvest. It’s when KORBEL collects all the delicious grapes it’s been cultivating, and transforms them into unforgettable bottles of KORBEL California Champagne.

For those who have never experienced the excitement of the KORBEL harvest, don’t worry. Here’s a glimpse at the intricate process of this year’s harvest, and the amazing results it yielded.

Harvest begins at around 2 a.m. each morning, and lasts throughout the day. Once the trucks are filled to the brim, they transport the handpicked grapes down to the winery, where they undergo a complex fermentation process.

So, next time you pop open a bottle of KORBEL California Champagne, remember the hard work and passion that goes into producing those little bubbles, and propose a toast to those who make celebrating possible!

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