February 13, 2015

KORBEL Rosés: Pretty in Pink on Valentine’s Day

Ask people which color represents Valentine's Day, and you most likely would get an answer of red. That's understandable, given the ubiquitous red roses and red hearts that are on display around Feb. 14. But we at KORBEL have a special place in our hearts for pink – or rosé – thanks to our award-winning Brut Rosé and Sweet Rosé California Champagnes.

No matter whether your tastes run toward sweet or dry, you will find that our rosé varietals beautifully balance the brightness of white wine with the depth of red wine.

KORBEL Sweet Rosé is made from a complex blend of grape varietals, and is designed to have very bright fruit flavors and aromas. It is excellent with appetizers such as grilled prawns with mango salsa or a selection of aged cheeses.

KORBEL Brut Rosé is blended to showcase the brightness of the fruit grown in California's wine regions, and has notes of cherry, strawberry and melon. Its medium-dry notes and slight sweetness pair well with smoked chicken, sushi and grilled meats.

Both varietals are excellent with chocolate desserts, making them the perfect complement to Valentine's Day celebrations.