November 3, 2020

KORBEL’s “Autumns Up!” Mimosa Bar

This fall take your autumn get-togethers to the next level with a festive mimosa bar everyone will love. Start by picking a centrally located spot in your kitchen; then consider how you want to lay out your bar. We’d suggest starting with your glasses. At one end of your mimosa bar, arrange your champagne flutes or stemless glassware on a tray so guests can easily grab a glass to get started.

Next, arrange a few bottles of chilled KORBEL California Champagne alongside carafes of fresh fruit juices like seasonal favs apple, pomegranate, and cranberry juice. To give guests an idea of which bubblies pair best with which juices, consider putting those calligraphy skills to good use and adding notecards to your setup with tasty pairings written out for friends to try.

To the right of your bubbly and juice display, have some fun using colorful bowls and decorative dishes to arrange a variety of fruit garnishes such as apple slices, pomegranates seeds, and cranberries. Then, finish off your autumn mimosa bar with fun cocktail napkins to bring your fall vibe together. Get inspired with some of our tasty seasonal pairings below. Then raise a glass to this season’s tastiest mimosa bar!

KORBEL Pomegranate Mimosa

Blanc de Noirs + Pomegranate Juice

KORBEL Cranberry Mimosa

Sweet Rosé + Cranberry Juice

KORBEL Apple Mimosa

Brut Rosé + Apple Juice