November 10, 2016

KORBEL’s Holiday Glassware Guide

KORBEL California Champagne encourages everyday celebrations, whether it’s a spontaneous brunch with friends or raising your glass to toast to a wonderful marriage. KORBEL complements sparkling occasions big and small, and the glassware in which its served should be no different.

While a flute is usually the go-to, there are now many acceptable glassware options when it comes to serving bubbly. A wine glass is an excellent choice because it allows you to experience KORBEL’s full aromas and flavors while maintaining the effervescent bubbles. Make the KORBEL experience causal by providing stemless wine glasses during your next celebration, to avoid a spilled drink or broken glass.

KORBEL strives to help create unforgettable occasions with just the pop of a cork, regardless of which glass you choose,. For a delicious and simple cocktail to enjoy during the holiday season, try a glass of our Holiday Honey.

Holiday Honey

1 oz. Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey
4 oz. KORBEL® Brut

Pour KORBEL into a champagne flute. Top with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey for a delicious and easy cocktail recipe.