June 1, 2019

KORBEL’s Tips for a Fun-filled Road-Trip

June is a great month to take a weekend road-trip with your friends. The warm weather and bright sunshine mean that wherever you go, you’ll be able to spend some time outside. So pick a weekend that works for everyone and drive to a nearby city or somewhere you’ve never been. But first, check out our travel tips to see how to make your road-trip a success!

  • Ask each friend to make a playlist of their favorite songs. Car rides can get boring after a while, so pump up your road-trip group with music of their own choosing. By playing songs from a variety of playlists, you’ll not only get to hear an assortment of tunes, but you may even find your new, favorite song! Add an extra level to the fun by trying to guess which song belongs to which friends’ playlist.
  • Surprise your friends with goodie bags. Add to the road-trip fun by packing goodie bags for the car ride. Include magazines, candy and chips, collections of word games, and any other fun treats you know your friends will enjoy. Put all these items into individual bags and share with your friends before you hit the road.
  • Play road-trip games. Once you’re on your way, play a road-trip game to pass the time and share some laughs. These games are especially great because they don’t require any accessories—all you need are friends to play with! Check out our suggestion below.

Connect the Stars

    • The game starts with one person naming an actor/actress
    • The next person has to say a movie that they acted in
    • The following person has to state another actor/actress from that movie
    • This pattern continues on, rotating between friends
    • If someone is incorrect, they’re out.
  • Pack a bottle of KORBEL to celebrate your arrival. After checking in at your hotel, head to the pool and pop open KORBEL’s Summer “Aloha” Bottle. The perfect accessory for outdoor relaxation, this brightly colored bottle features a backdrop of blue and green foliage— so even if your weekend road-trip doesn’t include a tropical island, you can at least pretend it does!