August 1, 2019

KORBlock Party

As summer winds down and everyone returns from vacation, August is an excellent month to reconnect with your neighborhood. And one of the easiest ways to do so is by planning a block party. There’s no need to rent a space and, if everyone’s on board, a potluck is a great way to organize food. All you really need for your block party are some orange cones to block off entry to your street (and be sure to check for neighborhood regulations or find out if you need a permit.) Then let the fun begin! Need some ideas for entertainment at your upcoming gathering? Keep on reading.

KORBEL Spray-Off

This competition is always a crowd-pleaser because who doesn’t love seeing KORBEL corks fly through the air? Select four or five contestants and have each of them shake, then pop open a bottle. Whoever’s cork lands furthest away wins! And afterwards, celebrate the winner with a toast or award them with a Mango Breeze Cocktail.

DJ-ing Made Easy

During the week leading up to your block party, ask your neighbors to send you a list of their top 10 favorite songs, giving you the soundtrack for your block party. Guests will love it when they hear one of their songs being played, and this can be a great icebreaker for neighbors who don’t know each other as well. Now all you need is a set of speakers!


Pick a snack, like dips or cookies, and see which neighbor can make the best treat! Beforehand, choose a few neighbors to be judges, then let everyone get creative with their cooking. Start the night with the judging, then let the neighborhood taste test the treats throughout the rest of the night.