December 21, 2017

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

Last-minute holiday gift shopping does not have to be stressful. As a matter of fact, it can be done with comfort and ease, without losing any of the sentiment of a planned-out gift. Here are some last-minute holiday gifts that anyone is sure to love.

1. KORBEL Gift Package

The KORBEL gift package is the perfect gift for the California-champagne lover in your life. It includes two bottles of KORBEL, with choices including Natural, Moscato, Blanc de Noirs Reserve, Le Premier, and Rouge. The gift package also comes with two crystal KORBEL flutes and a KORBEL bottle stopper. These packages are only available to purchase online and can be ordered here.

2. Streaming Service Subscription

Movie and television fanatics will fill with excitement over a pre-paid streaming service subscription. Gifting a streaming service subscription is fast, easy and meaningful, plus there are plenty of great streaming services to choose from.

3. A Book

Write a personalized message in your favorite book, and give it to someone special in your life. This present is personal and allows you to share something you love with someone you love.

4. Event Tickets

Enjoy a night out with one of your pals and buy tickets to a concert or play you both want to see. This gift benefits both the person giving and the person receiving the present.

All of these last-minute gifts are heartfelt, yet they do not include all the panic of last-minute holiday shopping. After all, holidays are all about relaxation and spending time with those you love.