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This Agreement governs the limited permission KORBEL grants for establishing a hyperlink between a user’s website and our KORBEL website. By creating a hyperlink between your website and our website, you agree to be subject to this Agreement. So, if you are willing to agree to the following requirements (and submit the information required below), you may link to our site:

This Agreement applies only to the following websites: www.KORBEL.com

You may link by using only standard text hyperlinks, such as those shown above. You may not link by using any trademark, service mark, logo, or other proprietary images, KORBEL names, icons or other intellectual property of KORBEL either on the website or in any website source code (such as a meta tag) and no such rights are granted herein.

You agree that each site on which the link will appear shall conform and be in compliance with the following guidelines:

Each site shall only market products to adults. The age when a person is considered an “adult” will vary among countries. When a country has adopted either a “minimum drinking age” or “minimum purchase age,” such legal requirements will define what is an “adult” for purposes of this Agreement. Each site will comply with the laws, local industry codes and regulations, including any limitations or restrictions, imposed by the governments of the markets in which our products or your products are marketed or sold. No site will use religious or other cultural symbols in a way that is likely to offend a particular religious or ethnic group. No site will use sexual slang, situations or depictions, or exploit the human form in any manner that offends to local standards of decency. With respect to the promotion and use of alcoholic beverages, none of the sites on which the link will appear will do any of the following: Show alcoholic beverages being consumed by people, models or personalities under the legal purchase age; where there is no “minimum purchase age,” that phrase should be interpreted to mean people who are not yet Adults. Encourage irresponsible consumption or consumption by those who should not consume alcoholic beverages for medical reasons; Portray consumption of alcoholic beverages by a person who is engaged in, or who is about to engage in, any activity that requires a high degree of alertness or physical coordination, e.g. operating a motor vehicle, boat, snowmobile, motorcycle, airplane, farm machinery, or other potentially dangerous equipment; Promote the intoxicating effects of consuming alcoholic beverage products or refer to our product’s alcohol content except in a simple, straightforward, and factual manner; Claim or represent that persons cannot achieve social, financial, or professional success or sexual or physical prowess without Consuming alcoholic beverages; Claim any medicinal value for alcoholic beverage products; Market or portray alcoholic beverages in a manner that condones drinking and driving. You agree not to use the link on any website that disparages KORBEL or its products or services, or which infringes on KORBEL intellectual property or other rights.

You agree not to use the link on any website that contains, or links to any other websites that contains, obscene, discriminatory, offensive, political or pornographic material of any kind. You may not create frames around our web pages or use other techniques that alter in any way the visual presentation or appearance of our KORBEL web sites. You may link only to the opening page for each of our KORBEL web sites and you may not skip the web pages requiring the viewers of our web sites to verify their age. You may link to this KORBEL website only by accepting this Agreement and by providing the Information requested in the registration form below. You agree to indemnify and hold the owners of KORBEL and its affiliates harmless from all claims, causes of action, liability and damages asserted against them by reason of your website being linked to our website. KORBEL reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and to seek the appropriate remedies against any action by you that does not conform to these terms and conditions.

You agree that you have entered into this Agreement as a matter of your own free will, and that you will not challenge the validity of this Agreement or its binding effect or enforceability. Upon the termination of this Agreement, you shall immediately remove the link from your website(s). This Agreement cannot be modified except in a writing signed by both parties. This Agreement is subject to the substantive laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the state and federal courts resident therein, and you agree to be subject to the personal jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Jefferson County, and the federal court in Louisville, Kentucky with respect to this Agreement. No waiver of any right or action by either party shall be deemed a waiver of any other right or action, or of a continuing waiver of the right or action.

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