July 11, 2018

Looking for a way to beat the summer heat?

Looking for a way to beat the summer heat? Think beyond cocktails and cool off with KORBEL Fruit Ice Pops! These homemade treats are easy to make, easy to eat, and are sure to satisfy your summer cravings.

All you need is your favorite KORBEL varietal plus an ice pop mold, a can of frozen fruit juice concentrate, and sliced fruit or berries. Simply fill molds halfway with frozen fruit juice concentrate, divide sliced fruit or berries among molds, and top each mold with KORBEL. Stir, insert either ice pop handles or wooden popsicle sticks, and freeze for at least six hours.

A few delicious options include: KORBEL Rosé with frozen strawberry juice concentrate and sliced strawberries, KORBEL Brut with frozen orange juice concentrate and blueberries, and KORBEL Brut with frozen grapefruit concentrate and raspberries.

Get creative and incorporate other tasty ingredients. Coconut, mint, and honey all make great additions.