May 18, 2016

Here’s to Home Entertainment

Instead of participating in hectic rush to the nearest lake or beach during Memorial Day weekend, celebrate the break in the comfort of your own home. A stay-cation gives you some much-needed relaxation while providing all the perks of a vacation, KORBEL included. Here are a few creative ideas on how to have a blast at home.

Bring the Beach to You

Have fun in the sun in your own backyard. Host a neighborhood barbeque and encourage guests to bring their favorite summer dishes. If a pool is handy, plan an all day pool party, and include decorations such as tiki torches and leis to give the celebration a tropical touch.

DIY Extravaganza

Spend your extra free time productively by starting on DIY projects for your house. Get a head start on home improvement plans you’ve put off for nicer weather. Invite friends over for a group craft session to create home décor pieces or add some competition and have a portrait-painting contest. Toast to the best masterpiece!

Cocktail Creations

Grab your friends and a couple bottles of different KORBEL varietals for a cocktail tasting soiree with your friends. Research recipes before hand to grab different ingredients or create your own fruity concoctions. It’s the perfect opportunity to find your new favorite cocktail. Try some of ours here.