May 12, 2017

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Check out our list of Mother’s Day gift inspiration and ideas to make an impression with your mom this year.

Korbel Wine Club Subscription

If your mom is a vino lover, sign her up for the KORBEL California Champagne Wine Club. She’ll receive the latest and greatest offerings from the Korbel Winery, as well as cocktail and pairing recommendations. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift that will remind her of you year-round.

Spa Day

Treat your mother to some much needed primping and pampering with a spa day. Either purchase a gift card to your local spa or plan a DIY spa day that includes homemade facials, manicures, pedicures and, of course, KORBEL! It’s the relaxing day every mother deserves.

Personalized Jewelry

For the mom who enjoys accessorizing with a little bling, consider a monogrammed necklace or charm bracelet. She’ll love the new accessory that always reminds her she’s loved.

Perfume and Lotion

A go-to gift for Mother’s Day has always been fragrance. Give her a bottle of her favorite brand’s new release, or help her discover a new scent by assembling a selection of mini-bottles of different lotions or perfumes.