January 6, 2021

New Year’s Brunch

Make the start of 2021 really pop with a New Year’s Day Brunch the whole gang will love. From waffles and scrambled eggs to bubbly beverages galore, there are tons of ways to make your first taste of the new year a delicious one! 

  • No one wants to worry about cooking after staying up until midnight. So start 2021 off right by supporting a local restaurant and ordering carry-out instead. Try that café around the corner or swing by that trendy, new brunch spot that opened last week. With an order of your favorite brunch staples in tow, you’ll be well on your way to setting up a mouth-watering brunch buffet for your close knit crew.
  • Introduce your taste buds to one of KORBEL’s original, easy-to-make mimosas. We’ve paired all sorts of fresh fruit juices with our signature bubbles, so finding a mimosa you love has never been more delicious! Want to complement all those fresh berries in your breakfast parfait? The cranberry mimosa has got you covered! Or maybe the new year has got you feeling adventurous. Sounds like a job for our guava or pomegranate mimosas!
  • For a centerpiece that’ll keep the holiday spirit going, cut a few fresh sprigs from any greenery or wintery foliage around the house and arrange them in a mason jar or festive vase. Fir sprigs, branches of white birch, and bright berries from a twig of holly are easy ways to add color and texture to your arrangement. Consider adding in a few Eucalyptus leaves as well to bring a new shade of green into the mix. 
  • Snap a few shots of your delicious, KORBEL-inspired spread, then tag korbel_1882 so we can celebrate your good taste too!