August 1, 2019

Pack Your Bags; We’re Going Glamping!

Roll up your phone-charger and untangle your extension cords because August is Glamping Season! For those of us who like the idea of outside but don’t want to leave behind the comforts of home, glamping—or glamorous camping—is the best way to spend time in nature while still enjoying modern luxuries. Traditionally, campers have to hike to their campsites and can’t bring too many accessories. But glampsites are typically close to parking, meaning you can pack so much more. So, check out our packing list for some inspiration!

Cheers to the Great Outdoors

Whenever you spend time outside, it’s important to drink plenty of water. Fortunately, when you’re glamping, you can pack a cooler without having to carry it far to your campsite. Plus, with a cooler, you can pack variety of drinks—make sure to include some KORBEL mini bottles! There’s nothing like making a toast around a roaring campfire after a day on the trails.

Home Sweet Home

To make your glamping tent chic and inviting, you don’t have to rely on traditionally shaped tents. Look for one that is bell-shaped or has multiple rooms, instead. With spaces like these, you’ll have more room to decorate! Bring along pillows and blankets—accessories that will add fun pops of color to your tent’s interior—and include a patterned rug to make your tent feel like home from top to bottom.

Light up your World

To add a festive feel to your tent, pack a few solar powered string lights to drape around your abode. Not only will these accessories add a bohemian vibe to your night, they also mean you don’t have to rely on flashlights. You can also pack battery-powered candles or lanterns to set outside your tent for added light. These accessories will help craft a cozy atmosphere and, perhaps the most important part of glamping, they’ll make your pictures really pop!