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January 26, 2015

Pop Open Some KORBEL for the Big Game!

On a sport’s score board, KORBEL’s Big Game Pairing Guide, featuring food and champagne pairings, is displayed.

What will you be doing the first Sunday in February? If you are like 111.5 million of your fellow Americans, you will be glued to the television, watching a certain football game.

No matter which team you cheer on to victory, you can enjoy the big game with KORBEL California Champagne. For a winning combination, pair KORBEL varietals with the following favorite appetizers:

Pizza and KORBEL Chardonnay
Chicken wings and KORBEL Extra Dry
Meatballs and KORBEL Sweet Rosé
Seven-layer dip and KORBEL Brut
Deli slices and KORBEL Blanc de Noirs
Shrimp cocktail and KORBEL Natural’

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