December 17, 2020

Raise Your Glass to Glassware

When it comes to sparkling wine, knowing which glass complements your favorite varietal can make or break your bubbly. That’s why it’s helpful to know a bit about glassware before you pour. Keep reading to learn which type of glass will keep your KORBEL bubbly and which will bring out the flavors in your favorite varietals. Then check out our Champagne Cart post to see how to expand your sparkling wine display!


Champagne Flute 

The champagne flute is the traditional choice for sipping bubbly, and that’s because it’s stood the test of time. With a bowl that narrows as it moves toward the rim of the glass, the flute is specifically crafted to keep your bubbly, well, bubbly! With less room at the top of the glass, the bubbles are contained inside, making it the best glass shape for drier sparkling wines. 


Ideal for: 

  • KORBEL Extra Dry
  • KORBEL Brut 
  • KORBEL Rouge
  • KORBEL Brut Made with Organically Grown Grapes
  • KORBEL Natural’


Champagne Tulip

If you’re a fan of sweeter varietals, be sure to have a tulip glass nearby. This type of glassware has a wider bowl than the champagne flute, and it is this difference that enhances the flavors and aromas of fruiter beverages. Plus, tulip glasses keep your drink bubblier for longer (always a plus in our book!) because it narrows toward the rim like the champagne flute, allowing fewer bubbles to escape.


Ideal for: 

  • KORBEL Blanc de Noirs
  • KORBEL Brut Rosé
  • KORBEL Sweet Rosé