February 5, 2019

Random Acts of Romance

“It’s the little things.” This familiar phrase, born from the notion that sentiment is more important than extravagance, seems to ring particularly true through the month of February. Take some inspiration from these words and incorporate the following “Random Acts of Romance” into your Valentine’s Day plans – and maybe even throughout your entire year.

Build a Fort

Channel your inner five-year-old and build an indoor fort with your significant other. Using pillows and blankets from around the house, transform your living room into a secret hideaway for two. Pop some popcorn, and cozy up to watch a movie, listen to music, or talk the night away over a bottle of KORBEL!

Visit an Animal Shelter

Humans aren’t the only ones deserving of some love. For a unique date, head over to your local animal shelter to play with all the puppies and kittens together. Not only do you get to have fun with your sweetheart, but all the animals will be thankful for the love and attention.

Think Up Favors

Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do for your partner is to simply help them out. Think beyond taking out the trash and pick a few unexpected, but impactful tasks like replacing old watch batteries, getting a car detailed, or organizing the basement. Your choices may not be as pretty as flowers, but they will certainly mean as much, if not more.