January 15, 2021

Refresh Your Palate and Your Kitchen

A new year is your chance at a fresh start, and what better way to refresh your senses than in the kitchen. Be it through new recipes or new kitchen accessories, there are tons of ways to make your kitchen truly unique. Take some time this January to explore how to make the most of your space. For a few refreshing suggestions, check out our ideas below!


  • New year, new reason to try out all those new kitchen gadgets. Got gifted a slow cooker? Learn from the pros and check out some tutorials online to learn how to craft your favorite dish. Or taste test a new KORBEL varietal, such as Brut Organic or Extra Dry; then put that brand new champagne sealer to good use by saving some of your newly discovered favorite for later!


  • Make a playlist with songs to enjoy while cooking. Add in some newly released tunes or get really creative, and tailor your music to whatever’s on the stove. If there’s an Italian dish you’ve been dying to try out, for example, add a few songs that’ll transport you to Rome’s cobblestone streets!


  • Add a bit of the great outdoors to your kitchen by growing fresh herbs in your windowsill. Herbs that are particularly suited for the indoors at this time of year include rosemary, mint, basil, parsley, and thyme. Not only will you now have a delicious new hobby, but you’ll also have an abundant source of garnishes perfect for your favorite KORBEL cocktail.