April 7, 2017

Ring In Spring With KORBEL

April is the month of all things spring because of the longer days, warmer weather and flowers in full bloom. Take advantage of the changing season by incorporating décor inspired by spring trends, such as placing vases of flowers throughout your home and utilizing pastel colors.

Put your DIY skills to the test by creating a pineapple flower vase, which serves as the perfect seasonal floral arrangement for your brunch dining table. It embodies spring and gives off a sweet scent. For more spring décor tips, visit the How-to-Hostess website at brown-formanhow-tohostess.com.

Items needed:

  • A pineapple
  • A sharp chef’s knife
  • A scoop or large spoon


Cut the top off the pineapple using the chef's knife. Insert the knife about ½ inch inside the pineapple, and cut in a circle, following the shape of pineapple. Scoop out inside of pineapple as you cut.

Rinse the inside of the pineapple, and fill it with water. Add flowers, and enjoy.

Celebrate a job well done by indulging in this fruity drink, perfect for the warmer weather.

Pink Lady

  • 2 oz. ruby red grapefruit juice
  • 2 oz. KORBEL® Brut

Add juice to a glass over ice. Stir, and top off with KORBEL.