January 11, 2017

Romance Wrap

KORBEL® California Champagne is the perfect complement to any celebratory occasion, including romantic evenings spent with your significant other. The effervescent bubbles go wonderfully with a nice dinner, and help create a sparkling atmosphere that lasts through dessert. Get a sneak peak of this year’s KORBEL Romance bottle design here!

Add our limited-edition bottle to your next date night, and make a glass of our Ruby Rose cocktail for a festive drink of choice.

Ruby Rose

¾ oz. Chambord® Black Raspberry Liqueur
2 oz. cranberry juice
4 oz. KORBEL Brut Rosé

Pour Chambord and cranberry juice into a shaker with ice. Shake, and strain into a wine glass. Top with KORBEL. Garnish with a strawberry slice or raspberry.