August 1, 2019

Set the Scene for Your Outdoor Movie Night

Watching a movie on the “big screen” doesn’t have to be reserved for a night at the theatre. Instead, bring glitz and glamour to your backyard by hosting an outdoor movie night for your friends and neighbors. Set up a screen—you can even just hang a sheet—to project your favorite flick, then put together the best “concession stand” ever, starting with Korbel! Check out our other tips for making your outdoor film premiere a blockbuster.

Play (Popcorn) Bartender

Everyone knows that a movie night isn’t complete without popcorn, so treat your guests to a mix and match Popcorn Bar. On a table, lay out colorful bags beside bowls of popcorn varieties, such as caramel and cheese flavored or chocolate-coated. Then invite your friends to create their perfect, personalized movie snack. For more movie night fun, pair KORBEL mini bottles with each of the popcorn flavors.

Calling All Movie Fans

If you start your party early in the evening, it may still be hot outside while you wait for the sun to set and the show to start. To keep everyone cool and excited for the rest of the evening, make paper fans that feature fun facts about the film. Your guests will appreciate that you took the time to create such a useful party accessory!

What You’ll Need:
  • Card stock or poster board
  • Wooden fan handles
  • Glue

Design a page featuring movie facts and print it out on a piece of heavyweight cardstock. Or you can just write them on small pieces of poster board with a marker! Fold the paper like a book and glue the wooden handle in the middle. Add glue around the inside edges and press glued sides together tightly.

Sit Back and Relax

Your backyard probably doesn’t feature reclining seats (if it does, WOAH!), so an outdoor film night means you can get creative with your lounging décor. Lay out blankets, poufs, and cushions for those guests who want to stretch out while watching the show. Or, if you have an inflatable pool lying around, fill it with air, pile in the pillows, and dive into a cozy pillow-pool. When in doubt, just ask your guests to BYOC—Bring Your Own Chairs!