July 6, 2016

Sign Up for Our Summer Bucket List

We love the tradition to toast the season by creating and completing a summer bucket list. Follow our achievable summertime list to create amazing memories without breaking the bank. Cross off these inspiring ideas throughout the season to enjoy a sparkling summer in your hometown.

  • Pick up a new passion: Put your free time to good use by picking up a hobby. Sign up for a local class at your community college to learn a new skill or get a group of friends together to start a weekly walking club. A new hobby is a sparkling opportunity to find your passion in life.
  • Free tours and tastings: Learn how famous brands from your hometown perfect their trade by signing up for a free tour of their facilities. If you’re lucky enough to live near the Korbel Winery, we offer a free tour of our grounds and a complimentary tasting after every visit. Check here for the best times to visit.
  • Plant a garden: Beautify your own backyard this summer by sprucing up the scenery. Focus on beauty by planting flowers, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try growing herbs or vegetables. Nothing tastes better than fresh food nurtured by your own two hands.
  • Be a tourist in your city: Enjoy the idea of exploring your hometown through new eyes. Eat at eclectic restaurants, take scenic walks in your state parks and visit undiscovered landmarks. Enjoy all the bright opportunities your city has to offer.

Regardless of the adventures you choose to pursue, we hope your summer is filled with bright memories and moments that will make you Toast Life.®