October 19, 2016

Spotlight on KORBEL’s Harvest

A year’s worth of hard work has come to fruition as KORBEL California Champagne wraps up another successful harvest. Harvesting the crop is no simple task, and requires many people working together to transfer a vast supply of grapes from the vines to winery to undergo the first step of fermentation.

In August, harvest begins as workers start plucking grapes off the vines at around 2 o’clock each morning, and continue diligently throughout the day. From there, the workers place their collections of grapes in the bins of huge dump trucks. Once the trucks are full, they transport the crop to the winery to begin the extensive process of transforming the grapes into bubbly.

Check out the photos of this year’s harvest to get a glimpse of the event that our KORBEL team lives for every fall. Make time next fall to visit the winery during harvest to gain a new perspective on what it takes to make popping open your bottle of KORBEL possible.