March 24, 2017

Take a Spring Break With 187mls

Celebrate spring break in the comfort of your home with KORBEL.® Take a sip of paradise with the help of our 187ml KORBEL bottles. Top off your next cocktail for a flavorful burst of fizz and pop.

Make our Sparkling Sangria, and flip a KORBEL 187ml bottle into it for a tropical taste that beats any tiki bar. Simply put a Flip-It Clip on the rim of your glass, then place an open 187ml KORBEL bottle into the opening to add sparkle to your cocktail.

Sparkling Sangria

2 oz. Ocean Spray® Cran-Pomegranate™ Juice Drink
1 187ml bottle KORBEL Brut
Lemon, lime and orange slices and frozen berries, for garnish

Add juice drink to a pint glass half-filled with frozen berries. Attach a Flip-It Clip to the rim of the glass, and invert the KORBEL into the drink. Garnish with lemon, lime and orange slices.