November 17, 2017

Thanksgiving Glassware

So much time, resources and planning goes into preparing a Thanksgiving feast. It can be very challenging trying to accommodate all of your dinner guests. From making sure you have enough room for everyone to planning plenty of food options, there is nothing like a good tip to make your job a little easier.

One issue when preparing to host a Thanksgiving soiree is having sufficient glassware, such as flutes. While flutes are traditionally used to drink bubbly, they are not necessary or imperative. Do not feel pressured to ensure everyone has a flute. Dare to be a little different and diversify your glassware. Try drinking your favorite KORBEL varietal from a wine, Collins or martini glass. KORBEL California Champagnes are exceptional in almost any glass.

If you are absolutely determined to ensure that all of your guests have flutes, KORBEL has your back. Check out KORBEL’s online shop to purchase acrylic flutes. These charming, branded flutes are an economically efficient way to provide flutes for all of your guests.

Thanksgiving is all about appreciating your loved ones, your good fortune and relaxation. This Thanksgiving, sit back and enjoy the time spent with your friends and family. Raise your glasses, no matter what kind they are, and Toast Life. Remember to always drink KORBEL California Champagnes responsibly.