November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Pairings

Thanksgiving is a holiday filled with food and family, but for the host, it requires daunting preparation. Here are a few tips to help avoid some of the stress of planning a flawless Thanksgiving feast.

We’ve mapped out six essential varietals to purchase for Turkey Day and the holiday favorites they pair best with, providing a complementary varietal for every course.

  • Natural’: This is the varietal to serve with appetizers or as a pre-dinner drink because it cleanses the palate and prepares your guests’ taste buds for the flavorful meal ahead.
  • Rouge: This holiday favorite features intense flavors of black cherry, strawberry and plum and goes well with pasta with tomato-based sauces and meat dishes, such as lamb chops. Its robust flavor is a must-have for the holiday season.
  • Chardonnay: Chardonnay is the perfect varietal to serve throughout the meal because of its complementary flavors. This rich, oaky varietal pairs well with just about any meat or vegetable dish and is a crowd favorite.
  • Brut: KORBEL’s most popular varietal is best paired with turkey or lobster and also pairs well with cream-based pastas. The balanced, medium-dry finish of Brut complements the rich flavors of traditional Thanksgiving foods.
  • Blanc De Noirs: We recommend you enjoy this semi-sweet varietal with berry dishes, such as fruit-based appetizers or dishes featuring cranberry sauce.
  • Sweet Rosé: Sweet Rosé is the varietal to serve after dinner while enjoying dessert. Its fruit-forward flavors go well with any sweet treat and is a great varietal to finish off the night.